Yes on G Student Success

Yes on G for Student Success

Yes on G is a ground-breaking Charter Amendment that earmarks $60 million per year, without raising taxes, to boost student success in San Francisco public schools. Yes on G focuses on academic achievement and the social and emotional challenges that create barriers to learning. 

Why we need it

  • School underfunding. Our schools have been chronically underfunded since the late 1970s. What was once considered essential and basic parts of school, for example a full-time school nurse, or a full-time Physical Education teacher, are no longer guaranteed. 
  • Pandemic impacts. There were significant detrimental impacts for students during the pandemic on academic achievement & social/emotional wellness. 
  • Achievement gaps. Even before COVID there has been a stubborn gap in achievement between low-income and students of color, and an ever increasing social emotional trauma causing disruptions in schools. 
  • Insecure grants. The school district in the past has obtained grant funding to solve these problems in some schools. Many of these strategies have worked. But when the funding ends the programs are often the first to go during tough budget constraints.

What it does

  • Grants for individual schools. Grant up to $1 million to eligible schools  with input from parents, teachers, principal, and after-school or community based program staff. 
  • Tailored programs. Provide funding for wide-ranging tailored programs, including accelerated curriculum for math and literacy; academic specialists or coaches to assist teachers and students; full-time wellness professionals like school nurses, psychologists, social workers; enrichment programming in art, music, sports, and STEM; after-school and summer opportunities; and partnerships with the City and nonprofits to assist families living in poverty. 
  • City administration. Designate the Department of Children Youth and Their Families (DCYF) with the San Francisco Unified School District to administer grants. 
  • Clear accountability. Establish requirements to set clear goals, progress, measurement outcomes, and reporting for funded programs to ensure continuous improvement in academic achievement and social/emotional wellness.

Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz (Cesar Chavez Elementary School)

Important things to know about Yes on G

  • This requires no new taxes! Funding dedicates a small percentage of excess Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund (ERAF), meant for use by students.
  • Dedicated funding. The funding will not be used for SFUSD’s deficit or basic classroom or administrative positions. 
  • Reserve fund. To prevent program dismantling during a recessionary year, DCYF will create a reserve fund to be used if the Board of Supervisors (BOS) reduces the annual appropriation below $60 million. 
  • Long-term task force. The measure establishes a task force to seek dedicated funding, recessionary triggers, and mechanisms to draw from the City Budget Stabilization Reserve should ERAF ever be reduced or cut.

Please join us and vote Yes on G!

Yes on G is supported by teachers, parent groups, community-based organizations, and health and wellness advocates. It is endorsed by the San Francisco Democratic Party, and every member of the Board of Supervisors and the School Board.